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Stud Earrings

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Stud Earrings

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5 mm Black Diamond Studs with Detachable Halo Jackets

Price: £92,265.47 Add to Bag
Various stones, Color diamond, Black diamond, White diamond, White gold 18K
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5 mm black diamond stud earrings

Price: £72,806.96 Add to Bag
Black diamond, Color diamond, White gold 18K
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Customer reviews for Stud Earrings

  • Yelena Gisova

    I'm very happy. Everything is fine. Now, I will be glad and wear my ring with pleasure. Jewelry is always beautiful and pleasant. So, be sure to order it and treat yourself — and w...

    Yelena Gisova
  • Yekaterina Kleykova

    It is a wonderful and beautiful ring. I like everything here. I received service and everything as I expected. It was really easy, I wasn't worried about anything. I'm very happy!

    Yekaterina Kleykova

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FAQ about Stud Earrings in UK

What makes stud earrings a timeless choice?

Stud earrings are timeless due to their simplicity and versatility. They effortlessly complement any outfit, from casual to formal, making them a staple in every jewelry collection. Pierrejewellery offers a diverse range of stud earrings to suit different tastes and occasions.

Can you guide me on selecting the right size for stud earrings?

Choosing the right size depends on personal style and comfort. Pierrejewellery provides a size guide to help you visualize how each earring will look. Generally, smaller studs are ideal for everyday wear, while larger ones make a bold statement for special occasions.

What materials are used in Pierrejewellery's stud earrings?

Our stud earrings come in various materials, including high-quality metals like sterling silver, gold, and platinum. We also offer gemstone-studded options for those seeking a touch of color and elegance.

How can I ensure the stud earrings match my face shape?

Face shape is crucial in selecting earrings. Round faces may benefit from longer studs, while angular faces can be complemented by softer shapes. Pierrejewellery provides expert advice on choosing earrings that enhance your natural features.
Prices for Stud Earrings in UK
Classic Emerald Stud Earrings £37,327.59
Sapphire Stud Earrings with Detachable Diamond Halo Jacket £36,825.96
Classic Diamond Stud Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold £56,671.56
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