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Round Diamond Engagement Rings

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Round Diamond Engagement Rings

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Three-Stone Diamond Ring

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White gold 18K, White diamond
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Customer reviews for Round Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Katya and Timofey

    We were looking for an engagement ring. We had checked a lot of different jewelry stores and chose PIERRE. We liked the stone – its size and cut. The result is exquisite! All is fi...

    Katya and Timofey

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FAQ about Round Diamond Engagement Rings in UK

What are round diamond engagement rings, and why are they popular in the UK?

Round diamond engagement rings feature a brilliant and timeless design, with a round-shaped diamond as the centerpiece. They are popular in the UK due to their classic beauty and ability to maximize a diamond's brilliance and fire, making them a sought-after choice for couples.

What are the different types of round diamond cuts available for engagement rings?

There are several types of round diamond cuts, including the classic round brilliant cut, the modern round brilliant hearts and arrows cut, and the vintage-inspired old European cut. Each cut offers a unique play of light and distinct aesthetic, allowing couples to find the perfect match for their preferences.

What metal options are popular for round diamond engagement rings in the UK?

Popular metal options for round diamond engagement rings in the UK include platinum, white gold, and rose gold. These metals accentuate the timeless beauty of round diamonds, providing a range of options to complement personal styles.

Do round diamond engagement rings have different setting styles to choose from?

Yes, round diamond engagement rings can be set in various styles such as prong, bezel, halo, or pave settings. Each setting offers a different aesthetic and can enhance the overall look of the ring, allowing couples to select the perfect setting for their chosen diamond.
Prices for Round Diamond Engagement Rings in UK
Round diamond 6-prong engagement ring in Yellow Gold £32,676.88
Round Black Diamond with Black Pave 18 White Gold Ring £45,656.36
Three Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold £126,165.81
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