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Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

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Yellow gold
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Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

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Customer reviews for Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

  • Vladimir

    We were planning to buy an engagement ring. We found PIERRE in the web. We checked rings online and they seem to be very interesting. The result is super positive! Everything went ...


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FAQ about Yellow Gold Wedding Bands in UK

What variety of wedding rings does PIERRE's offer?

Our selection ranges from classic bands to contemporary styles, featuring a variety of metals, widths, and finishes. We also offer rings with intricate detailing, such as milgrain edging, filigree work, and diamond accents.

How do I choose the right wedding ring to complement my engagement ring?

Consider the metal, width, and style of your engagement ring. Our expert consultants can help you select a wedding ring that harmonizes with your engagement ring, whether it be a matching set or a contrasting style for a unique look.

What metals are available for wedding rings at PIERRE?

We offer classic metals like gold (yellow, white, or rose), platinum, and palladium, as well as modern alternatives like tungsten, titanium, and silver. Each has unique properties and benefits which our team can discuss with you.

Does Pierrejewellery offer a warranty on wedding rings?

We provide a lifetime warranty covering craftsmanship defects. We also recommend insuring your ring against loss, theft, or accidental damage, as our warranty does not cover these events.

What does a yellow gold wedding ring mean?

A yellow gold wedding ring symbolizes tradition, warmth, and timeless love. It is a classic choice that signifies commitment and unity in marriage.

Does anyone wear yellow gold anymore?

Yes, some people still wear yellow gold jewelry. While rose gold and white gold have gained popularity in recent years, yellow gold continues to be a classic choice for many individuals.

Are yellow gold rings more expensive?

The price of yellow gold rings can vary based on the quality of the gold and the ring's design. Yellow gold is generally regarded as a classic and widely liked option for jewelry, which may result in a slightly higher price compared to other gold types.

How much is the average wedding ring UK?

In the UK, a ellow gold wedding ring typically costs between £2,000 and £3,000 on average. Nevertheless, these prices can differ based on variables including the ring's metal type, carat weight, and design.
Prices for Yellow Gold Wedding Bands in UK
Eternal Seven Stone Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold £46,004.29
9 Square Princess Diamond Ring Yellow Gold £46,331.80
3 carat Eternity Diamond Band in 18K Yellow Gold £75,406.41
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☑ The cheapest product price £42,813.75
☑ The most expensive product price £145,179.04